Week 9

Commerce, Coercion and America’s Empire

Firstly, I laughed at the inclusion of the line, “white man that makes the chicken,” included by Dawson in reference to Colonel Sanders. Alright next… This chapter goes on to recognize the influence in which the United States played on constructing Latin America. If a country is on the good side of the USA, it …

Week 9

Historically, it has been observed that the greatest cause of American interference in Latin American economical, political and socio-political settings has been Americas desire to maintain economical control over these less developed Latin American nations. Such policies have been practiced by America consistently throughout modern history and an example of this policy being performed in […]

Week 9 – Commerce, Coercion, and America’s Empire

Commerce, Coercion, and America’s Empire We discussed in the past few week’s discussion that the United States was starting to become a threat to the majority of the nations in Latin America. Latin American nations became wary of American military interventions … Continue reading

Week 9 The Banana Republic, Uneven Development & Declining Terms of Trade

This week, while learning about the Banana Republic of Guatemala and the other relations between the U.S. and Latin America, I kept thinking back to week seven and week four. The parallels I saw between this week’s content and week … Continue reading

Week 9

As a student of agricultural science, I found the topic of banana cultivation and trade very interesting, and saw that it echoed a lot of the other things I’ve learned about agriculture and international trade. There’s a pattern that tends to unfold when smaller and somewhat politically/economically weak nations are targeted for use of an … Continue reading Week 9